DEVBHOOMI or The Land of Gods is how Uttarakhand is often referred to as. The volume of the temples in and around the state is substantial making it a religious hub along with the tourist hub it already is. From personal experience as well I can vouch that there is no place better to relax your mind and body and achieve harmony then the state of Uttarakhand. Like us, many of our sisters and brothers from Uttarakhand are scattered amongst many towns and city in India mainly due to professional and personal reasons and as time has passed we have lost a bit of the touch with our land, our home Uttarakhand. To bridge that gap and to connect you to Uttarakhand, we present and invite you to: A social networking and informative site dedicated only to our brethren from Uttarakhand. You get to share your events, make groups amongst your family, friends and peers. Travelled to Uttarakhand lately? Shot amazing pictures and videos of the great sceneries? Want to share it with the world? Then Uttarakhand Pravasi is the place to do so. It gets shared with all the members of the website. The site also contains the various legends of the place, the famous people of Uttarakhand that have made it big in their respective fields and matrimony prospects as well for youngsters and people looking to marry and start a family amongst their Uttarakhand peers. Giving you the best of both worlds, we invite you, to test for yourself the social networking site designed especially for all the people belonging to the magnificent land of Uttarakhand to be in touch with your family and friends from Uttarakhand and mainly, Uttarakhand itself. Welcome.